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Outsmarting Antisemtism class graduate.

Outsmarting Antisemitism class graduates.

Outsmarting Antisemitism - Rise Above the Hate

Lesson 1: The Eternal People.mp3

Lesson 2: No Apologies.mp3

Lesson 3: The Promised Land.mp3

Lesson 4: Change of Heart.mp3


Yizkor and the Moshiach Meal - A Zoom Class .mp3 



Lesson 1: No Man an Island - The Bonds & Responsibilities of Society.mp3 

Lesson Video:  The Gift of Social Responsibility.mp4

Lesson 2: Discovering One - The Extraordinary Impact of Monotheism.mp3

Lesson 3: Divine Image - Who Says Life Is Sacred?.mp3 

Lesson 4: Created Equal? - Exploring a Not-So-Self-Evident Truth.mp3

Lesson 5: Dropping Out and Tuning In - The Gift of Shabbat.mp3

Lesson 6: Time to Improve - The Jewish Concept of Progress.mp3 





Lesson 1: Achieving Authenticity - Addressing Imposter Syndrome .mp3

 Lesson 2: Embracing Flaws - Addressing Shame, Frustration and Feelings of Inadequacy .mp3

Lesson 3: Rethinking Regret - Addressing Unhealthy Guilt .mp3

Lesson 4: Peering Through Pain - Addressing Pain, Anguish and Anxiety .mp3 

Lesson 5: Living Joyfully - Finding Happiness and Fulfillment .mp3


Refreshing Relationships - Remodeling Our Approach to Love and Relationships:

Part 1.mp3         Part 2.mp3



rh art cropped.jpg

Rosh Hashanah Prayer Class .mp3 

Shemonah Esrei Banner.png

Lesson 1: Maimonides on How to Pray .mp3

Lesson 2: The First 15 Blessings .mp3

Lesson 3: The Final 4 Blessings .mp3 

chabadorg 945x345.jpg

Lesson 1: Out of the Foxhole - A New Paradigm for Prayer .mp3

 Lesson 2: G‑d Plans and Man Demands - Understanding the Mechanics of Petition .mp3

Lesson 3: It's All Hebrew to Me - Making Sense of Liturgy, One Step at a Time .mp3

Lesson 4: Hear O Israel - Achieving True Transcendence in Prayer .mp3

Lesson 5: Standing in Silence - Synthesizing Divinity and Materiality in the Amidah .mp3 

Lesson 6: Communities That Pray Together - Finding Meaning in Communal Prayer .mp3 

WWF Graduation.jpg

Wrestling With Faith Graduates


Lesson 1 - First Impressions - Redefining G‑d .mp3

Lesson 2 - Meeting His Needs - What G‑d Thinks of You.mp3

 Lesson 3 - A Higher Paradigm - How G‑d's Paradigm Informs Our Values .mp3

Lesson 4 - Finding Comfort - Seeing G‑d Through the Blinding Pain.mp3

Lesson 5 - Bridging the Divide - G‑d's Torah and G‑d's Science.mp3

Lesson 6 - For the Love of G‑d - Finding Closeness with a G‑d You Cannot Touch.mp3 

What Is Graduation.png

Mazal Tov to our What Is? Graduates! 


Lesson 1 -  Is the World Real?  .mp3, Video

  Lesson 2 - Is Time Real?  .mp3

Lesson 3 - Is G‑d Real?  .mp3 Video

Lesson 4 - Is Evil Real?  .mp3

Lesson 5 - Is The Self Real? .mp3,  Video

Lesson 6 - Is Choice Real?  .mp3



 Lesson 1: People of the Land - The Jewish Claim to Israel

.mp3, .WMA

Lesson 2: Lightning Strike - The Ethics of Preemptive Strikes

.mp3, .WMA 

Video recordings can be found on our Facebook page:

Lubavitch on the Palisades Tenafly

TD Graduation.jpg

The Dilemma Graduates 


Election Series - What Does Judaism Say?

Lesson 1: Gun Control .mp3

Lesson 2: Immigration .mp3