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Wrestling With Faith Graduates


Lesson 1 - First Impressions - Redefining G‑d .mp3

Lesson 2 - Meeting His Needs - What G‑d Thinks of You.mp3

 Lesson 3 - A Higher Paradigm - How G‑d's Paradigm Informs Our Values .mp3

Lesson 4 - Finding Comfort - Seeing G‑d Through the Blinding Pain.mp3

Lesson 5 - Bridging the Divide - G‑d's Torah and G‑d's Science.mp3

Lesson 6 - For the Love of G‑d - Finding Closeness with a G‑d You Cannot Touch.mp3 

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Mazal Tov to our What Is? Graduates! 


Lesson 1 -  Is the World Real?

.mp3, .WMA Video

  Lesson 2 - Is Time Real?

.mp3, .WMA, Video 

Lesson 3 - Is G‑d Real?

.mp3, .WMA, Video

*Video shown in class: How did the beginning begin?

Lesson 4 - Is Evil Real?

.mp3, .WMA, Video

*Video shown in class:  Absolutely Not!

Lesson 5 - Is The Self Real?

.mp3, .WMA, Video

*Video shown in class: The Lamp

Lesson 6 - Is Choice Real?

.mp3, .WMA, Video

*Video shown:  How Predictable Are You?


Lesson #1

Revealing Words - The Art of Open Communication

.mp3, .WMA

Lesson #2

Others' Words - The Art of Listening


Lesson #3

Wise Words - The Art of Positive Communication


Lesson #4

Behind the Words - The Art of Effective Communication


Lesson #5

Leading Words - The Art of Inspiration and Influence


Lesson #6

Connecting Words - The Art of Conflict Resolution

.mp3 , .WMA 

Live video recordings:

Lubavitch on the Palisades Tenafly 



Lesson 1: The Dead Sea Scrolls -  Sectarianism and Jewish Law in the Second Temple Era

.mp3, .WMA  

Lesson 2: Masada vs. Yavneh - Divergent Jewish Responses to Roman Tyranny

.mp3, .WMA 

Lesson 3: The Maimonidean Controversy - The Nexus of Faith and Reason in Judaism

.mp3, .WMA 

Lesson 4: In the Wake of Expulsion - Was The Time Ripe to Reestablish the Sanhedrin?

.mp3 , .WMA  

Lesson 5: Chasidic Renaissance -  Power and Controversy in the Teachings of the Chasidic Master - Divine Transcendence vs. Diving Immanence

.mp3, .WMA

Lesson 6: The Public Menorah - Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

.mp3, .WMA 

Video recordings on our Facebook page: 

Lubavitch on the Palisades Tenafly 



 Lesson 1: People of the Land - The Jewish Claim to Israel

.mp3, .WMA

Lesson 2: Lightning Strike - The Ethics of Preemptive Strikes

.mp3, .WMA 

Video recordings can be found on our Facebook page:

Lubavitch on the Palisades Tenafly

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The Dilemma Graduates

dilemma long.jpg 

Lesson 1: No Good Deed Unpunished - What if a crime has an upside?

.mp3 , .WMA 

Lesson 2: Above the Law - The ethics of taking matters into your own hands

.mp3 , .WMA 

Lesson 3: Windfall Wrangles - Determining ownership for exotic finds

.mp3 , .WMA 

Lesson 4: Between Proximate and Remote - Is one responsible for causing an indirect loss?

.mp3, .WMA

Lesson 5: Making the Right Turn - Engineering ethics into driverless vehicles

.mp3, .WMA 

Lesson 6: Hastening the Inevitable - Is one responsible for expediting inescapable harm?

.mp3, .WMA 

View class videos here  


  Lesson 1:  Getting Off the Bandwagon - Defining Your Personal Success  .mp3 ,  .WMA , Lesson video  

Lesson 2: Mission Possible - Develop a Success Mindset                                .mp3 , .WMA , Lesson video

Lesson 3: From Chaos to Creativity - Tap into Your Innovative Spirit           .mp3 , .WMA , Lesson video

 Lesson 4: By Way of Your Forte - Focus on Signature Strengths                 .mp3 , .WMA, Lesson video 

Lesson 5: Birds of Different Feathers - Discover Secrets to Social Success .mp3, . WMA, Lesson video 

Lesson 6: The Finish Line - Find the Path to Action .mp3, .WMA, Lesson video

Live class streaming and post class videos  here



Rosh Hashana (small) 

Mystical Insights on Rosh Hashanah: .wma 


Election Series - What Does Judaism Say?

Lesson 1: Gun Control .mp3, .wma

Lesson 2: Immigration .mp3, .wma