Lubavitch on the Palisades prides itself in its robust adult education program, including weekly Torah classes, guest speakers, farbrengens, and community trips.


One of Lubavitch on the Palisades' assets is its affiliation with the well-known Jewish Learning Institute (JLI). JLI has been created in the tradition of teachers establishing bonds with students pursuing intellectual and spiritual growth in their adult years. JLI courses are designed for students ranging from first-time learners to those with years of prior study. The Institute follows a powerful path of discovery and depth, touching the Jewish soul of its learners. Participants in JLI courses share an experience of such magnitude that many form lasting ties of close friendship and community. Three times a year, JLI courses are offered at Lubavitch on the Palisades, each covering a new topic in Judaism. For current course information, please click here.

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Graduates of JLI's Fall 2023 course, The World of Kabbalah, pictured here.

Here is a list of LOTP's weekly learning schedule:

Sunday 9:30 am: Parsha class

Monday 10:00 am: Women's Kabbalah class on Zoom with Rabbi Shain

9:00 pm: Kabbalah class in Hebrew ( e-mail  Rabbi Gershovitz for location)

Tuesday 8:00 pm: JLI course

Thursday 8:00 pm: Talmud class with Rabbi Shain 

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In addition to our weekly classes, different events and programs are held throughout the year. Please check our website for upcoming events.


Past Events


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Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie on "The Secret of Chabad" 


"Songs of the Inspired Soul" Live Concert

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19th of Kislev Celebration Dinner and Farbrengen 


Trip to the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Gravesite on the anniversary of his passing.

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"Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation" with Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf