Purim Schedule
March 16 - 17


Wednesday, March 16th - Ta'anit Esther, Megillah and Purim Bash

Fast Begins: 5:42am

Morning Service: 6:45am

Mincha Service: 6:30pm

Fast Ends: 7:33pm

Megillah Reading/Purim Bash featuring escape artist and magician Adam Cardone: 7:30pm

2nd Megillah Reading: 9:00pm


Thursday, March 17th

Celebrating Purim in Legoland

Morning Service: 7:00am

Megillah Reading: 7:30am

Mincha Service: 5:00pm

Megillah Reading: 5:30pm

Purim in Legoland Festive Meal: 6:00pm - RESERVE @  www.chabadlubavitch.org/purim5782

Maariv Service: 8:00pm


Feel free to call us with any questions: 201.871.1152, option 5, extension 501

Wishing you a Happy Purim!