I liked it a lot because you meet a lot of cool kids and you learn a lot. You learn lots of stuff from games a much more. Its better than my old Hebrew school. –Lior Segal


The thing I liked about the bar-mitzvah club was meeting new friends and going on trips learning everything. –Izzy


Great things:

New People

Learning about the holidays. –Max


It was fun. I got to meet new friends and also going on trips. –Adam Alter


I liked the Bar-Mitzvah Club because it was really fun and we learned a lot of interesting things. –Gil W.


I liked everything that we did. I also liked meeting new friends and I like the trips we went to. Oh yeah Rabbi Chaim is the best! –Mike Galberi


I liked the Powerpoints. I liked the prices and the games. I liked the trips! – Amir


I liked the game Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. The prizes were good, and the club is much funner then school. Torah is the best! –Assaf Gorovici


This was way more fun than my school. We did a lot of fun projects. I also liked meeting everyone here, even though I knew most of them ;) –Or Lapid


I liked the Shabbaton trip and winning the basketball tickets. I liked meeting new friends. Everything was really fun. –Justin Akiva


It’s better than school

It’s really fun

Torah is a cool cat! –Yogev Almog


I liked the lessons. I liked meeting new people. I liked the powerpoints. Beats school anytime, anywhere. Thanks! ~Salomon Chamay


I liked: games, activities, prizes, slideshow, and the questions! –Joshua Azria


Overall, I really liked everything. The powerpoints were good, and the tickets and raffles were good. I am very interested in joining the TSX. –Matanel Rudiak


I liked the powerpoint lessons, and the game shows were really fun! -Stuart Fine