Mined from the teachings of Torah and contemporary psychology, this six-week course takes a fresh approach to the battle against bad feelings, providing realistic spiritual mechanisms for remaining upbeat no matter what life brings.

Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 12th

8:00 - 9:30 pm

11 Harold St.

Tenafly, NJ

This course offers formulas to remain upbeat and happy despite hardships, feelings of guilt, or personal inadequacy. Based on Tanya, chapters 26-34, this courses studies spiritual mechanisms that allow one to survive - and thrive - despite life's difficulties.

Fee $90 (textbook included)

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Course Overview

Lesson 1: The Authentic You

Addressing Imposter Syndrome

Positive emotions are paramount for successful living, but genuine happiness and contentment are highly elusive. A common challenge is discomfort with our own accomplishments simply because we feel hypocritical. This lesson explores why positivity is critical, charts a path to tackling impediments to happier living, and unveils the means of embracing and effectively expressing our innate authenticity. 

Lesson 2: The Gift of the Flaw

Addressing Shame, Frustration, and Feelings of Inadequacy 

Self-disappointment can be debilitating: we long to view ourselves as ethical individuals but are frustrated at perpetually wrestling with character flaws such as pettiness, greed, thoughtlessness, anger, lack of integrity, or spiritual insensitivity. Reflecting on our flaws produces a destructive sense of shame and inadequacy. This lesson explains the intended role of character flaws in the human condition and explores methods of maintaining genuine optimism and positivity despite their lingering presence. 

Lesson 3: Not Guilty

Addressing Unhealthy Guilt

We all slip up at times, sometimes drastically, and it is natural and healthy to experience regret or guilt. However, if such emotions become paralyzing and distressful, they seriously impede our efforts to maintain positive and successful living. This lesson explores the inner workings of guilt and regret and delivers a transformative method of tackling guilt and spinning it into a catalyst for positive change.

Lesson 4: The Light in the Tunnel

Addressing Pain, Anguish, and Anxiety

Harsh reality can bring genuine suffering and sadness, swiftly deflating the most optimistic attitudes. Well-meaning reminders that time heals, or that G‑d knows what is best, do little to heal the searing pain of open wounds. This lesson explores methods of shifting our internal perspectives to allow the sun to shine in our lives despite the stark reality of our suffering. 

Lesson 5: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Finding Happiness and Fulfillment

Despite considering ourselves successful in terms of health, finances, and relationships, we sometimes fall into a funk, feeling unexplainably lackadaisical or unhappy. This lesson explores the inner workings of happiness and examines our instinctive methods of securing satisfaction. It then delivers a shift in perspective that sets a workable goal of inner contentment and fulfillment.

Lesson 6: Beyond Chemistry

Remodeling Our Approach to Love and Relationships

Relationships are the most rewarding and challenging features of human life. Healthy relationships are critical to positive emotions, but they are highly elusive. This lesson introduces a significant shift in the way we view the foundation upon which all of our relationships are based. This new perspective empowers us to enjoy better, lasting, and more genuine relationships, even with individuals with whom we share little in common.

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