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About Rabbi Eliezrie:

Rabbi David Eliezrie is a veteran Chabad Rabbi in Yorba Linda, California. He is Chabad's representative to major Jewish organizations in the US and Israel. Within Chabad he coordinates humanitarian relief aid and serves on committees for the International Chabad Conference and the Jewish Learning Institute. In his home state of California, Rabbi Eliezrie is the president of the Rabbinical Council of Orange County and Long Beach and a board member of the Jewish Federation and Family Services of Orange County. He forged a Federation-Chabad partnership that has become a national model of cooperation and success. His opinions and articles have appeared in many publications including The Los Angeles Times, The Jerusalem Post, and The Times of Israel. Rabbi Eliezrie is married, the father of six children, and grandfather to an ever-growing number of grandchildren.

About "The Secret of Chabad":

Considered one of the most influential movements in modern Judaism, writers have speculated for decades about the unparalleled success of Chabad Lubavitch. In “The Secret of Chabad,” Rabbi David Eliezrie depicts the events, philosophies, and personalities that have made Chabad Lubavitch a worldwide phenomenon. From his unique style, weaving together narrative and fact, history and philosophical insight, interviews with Shluchim and Chabad leaders from across the globe, and personal recollection, emerges a world rich in tradition and the enormous love for fellow Jews that is embodied by the Shluchim. In this book, Rabbi Eliezrie combines the insider's perspective of a long-time Chabad shaliach with the storytelling flair of a prolific writer. 

Book Reviews:

"I have often urged the Harvard Business School to teach the remarkable success of the Chabad movement as a case study in innovation, commitment, and determination. The Secret of Chabad is that case study written by a brilliant insider who really understands ... " -Alan M. Dershowitz

"David Eliezrie's The Secret of Chabad is probably the first book by a Chabad insider - and a major one at that - telling the incredible story of what has clearly become the most dynamic Jewish force in the contemporary world ... After reading the Secret of Chabad you will never see your local Chabad rabbi in quite the same way. He and his remarkable wife will be more real - and therefore, even more remarkable." -Dennis Prager
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, NY Times best-selling author, co-founder Prager University

"An insightful, compelling guide to Chabad, one of the great success stories in modern Jewish history. David Eliezrie has the perfect ear for the telling ancedote - and as a highly regarded Chabad insider truly understands Chabad from within. What is the Chabad secret? Read this book and you will know."     -Joseph Telushkin
Author of 'Rebbe: The life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History'

"I have found Chabad, almost everywhere I have gone in the world. This book is the remarkable story of how a small Chassidic group reaches out to Jews all over with love and purpose. David Eliezrie takes us deep inside the Chabad world for an extraordinary view ... All over the world, 4,000 Chabad shluchim are doing good deeds, educating people, taking care of children, providing opportunities to approach Judaism in a positive way. They turn up everywhere. The Secret of Chabad tells us what makes these dedicated men and women tick." -Senator Joseph I. Lieberman