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Adult Education

Adult Education




Past Events 

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Graduating Class of JLI Course: Strength and Struggle, Spring 2016



Class Recordings

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Lesson 2 .mp3 Lesson 2 .wma
Lesson 3 .mp3 Lesson 3 .wma
Lesson 4 .mp3 Lesson 4 .wma
Lesson 5 .mp3 Lesson 5 .wma
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Jewish Course of Why - Class Recordings:

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Lesson 2 .wma Lesson 2 .mp3
Lesson 3 .wma Lesson 3 .mp3
Lesson 4 .wma Lesson 4 .mp3
Lesson 5 .wma Lesson 5 .mp3
Lesson 6 .wma Lesson 6 .mp3



Class Recordings:

Journey of the Soul, Lesson 1

Journey of the Soul, Lesson 2

Journey of the Soul, Lesson 3

Journey of the Soul, Lesson 4

Journey of the Soul, Lesson 5

Journey of the Soul, Lesson 6


Art of Parenting


To Be a Jew in the Free World



Life in Balance


Curious Tales of the Talmud



Living with Integrity: Navigating Everyday Ethical Dilemmas

There comes a time when we’re forced to choose between conflicting responsibilities or to make ethical compromises for good reasons. How do we decide what is right, and more importantly, what is right for us in our unique situation?

Packed with real-life scenarios, Living with Integrity challenges you to voice your opinion while providing practical Talmudic wisdom to help you navigate skillfully through life’s inevitable ethical challenges. This course will not only provide you with tools to make the right decisions, it will also enhance your interaction with family and friends

Course Start Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 8:00 pm



Please join our newest course, Money Matters, for six Tuesdays starting January 24th
from 8:00-9:30pm.

The recent failures in the financial industry have drastically changed the way we think about business. At JLI, we deeply believe that business should be a force for good.
This course will call into question your business theories, challenge your assumptions, and help you gain clarity on the values that matter to you. This six week course is being dedicated in memory of our dear member, Michael Kozeradsky, z"l and being sponsored by his friends and family.


Fascinating Facts - Exploring the Myths and Mysteries of Judaism


Oasis in Time - The Gift of Shabbat in a 24/7 World

Why do we tend to focus on what's urgent instead of what's truly important?

Imagine. 24 hours of digital silence. No phones. No computers. No TV. Just valuable time with the people you love, to do all the things you've needed to do but never quite found the time for.

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The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) has been created in the tradition of teachers establishing bonds with students pursuing intellectual and spiritual growth in their adult years. JLI courses are designed for students ranging from first-time learners to those with years of prior study. The Institute follows a powerful path of discovery and depth, touching the Jewish soul of its learners. Participants in JLI courses share an experience of such magnitude that many form lasting ties of close friendship and community.

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Weekday Classes at Lubavitch on the Palisades

Sunday 9:30 am: Parsha class followed by coffee & cake

Monday 9:30 am: Women's Kabbalah class with Rabbi Shain

9:00 pm: Kabbalah class in Hebrew (e-mail Rabbi Gershovitz for location)

Tuesday 8:00 pm: JLI course or class with Rabbi Shain between courses

Thursday 8:00 pm: Talmud class with Rabbi Shain